Connection in the Golf Swing Starts from the Ground Up

A golf swing is an athletic motion, and we have to get our body in an athletic position so that our body can work how it was naturally designed to work. You have to be inside heal measurements shoulder width, that means we want the inside of your heels just outside of your shoulders.  We want your knees slightly bent in, Hogan used to talk about feeling like he gripped the ground with the inside of his feet. From there you can setup with the Vharness.

From there what you want to do is carry the club with your  your tying them in to the whole shoulder girdle; the lats the pecks, the whole area now my body is in a strong position. If I had a sack of potatoes or fifty pounds and I wanted to throw it in that direction, I’d go to my right leg, I would go to my left leg. not one time would I try to do it with my arms.  I’d shift my weight to the right, shift my weight to the left.

One of Hogans thoughts was that he always tried to imagine when he changed his swing that his elbows were attached to his body on his stomach not up at the shoulder. And he actually created what he called half a left arm, and that would be like holding something heavy you would be here as opposed to here.  And you were a little bit that way what we call, long armed. and we like to see what we call half a left arm and it connects to the whole shoulder girdle.  So if I’m holding something heavy I’m holding it with my peck and my lat my spine is between my shoulders so that just ties everything in. Then it ties in all the way down into your legs body and everything and then the key factor once you get the braced connected address is to understand Hogan actually said, “I created a half a left arm” well we had a great ball striker back in the 40’s who had a withered left arm, swing training aids are great for this.

Then we had a great ball striker Calvin Pete, who had a left arm that was basically frozen.  So all three of those people had what Hogan described as half a left arm and they were all great ball strikers – I mean as pure as it comes. So you have got to realize that is a factor in the golf swing.  All great players have always had it.

Connecting the left arm to the body is like tying the club into your spine. So once you move, you have a relationship from your spine to to but of the club to the club head that forms your V or your triangle.  So if you keep your left arm on your body during the backswing, look how far the club head would move, and all I did was shift my weight.

And really what’s left in the backswing from there is to feel like you hinge your elbows down and there is your backswing. and actually if you took what actually moves in the golf swing, from the setup position the left knee breaks to the right knee with the left elbow down, the left lat so essentially I have loaded right there.  It’s just a six inch move, boom I’m into my right leg.  My arm is in a position that I can backhand someone, the vharness helps teach you this.

I explain that connected position as when your loaded as if you were going to backhand someone, you wouldn’t pull your left arm to hit them, you would hit them with your right hip, your right leg, actually out of the ground right foot, right knee, right hip, right lat, that would be power, not the left arm being pulled.

So connection is nothing more than tying everything together in an athletic position, and getting all the big muscles where they will work.  You can’t do anything under pressure in athletics if your not connected.  I’ve never seen a tennis player that wasn’t or a baseball player or anything else.  Baseball players are always working their body.  They don’t take their arms and try to hit.

So connection in the golf swing is tying into big muscles, it’s being able, when you create the short left arm, you are creating the inner force of centripetal force when you set your right arm you are creating the outer force so when my spine shifts to the right there is your V or your triangle in the golf swing so when you get to your right leg inside your right leg – always staying inside, all you do is hinge your right elbow and there is your perfectly shaped triangle at the top.   And that’s what all good players do.

There’s the triangle at the top, there’s the triangle at impact, there’s the triangle through the ball. They bring it back around, the radius and the arc stayed the same. This is what the Vharness does.

And when you connect your left arm properly, you feel like the left elbow is down and you feel you created a half a left arm, not a whole left arm – that creates connection through the big muscles.

And once you do that and you got it connected here, realize – you are controlling the club face.  So take a golf club, setup, and take your elbow and twist it out and watch how much the club face changes. Immediately the handle of the club would be out of the center of the triangle or the V and you have become disconnected.  and so people who cock their hands immediately take the radius out by changing it (and becoming disconnected)

So if you keep the connection, then the left arm will always stay in the right position and always come back to center.  That way it would still be holding the handkerchief under the left arm, but if I took my left arm and pointed my elbows away from my body, immediately the handkerchief falls out. the club goes around me and I am totally flat and out of plane to hit the ball.