Be Original

We have all been to golf events before and received swag bags full of stuff, because face it coming up with good swag bag ideas can be difficult. Most of the stuff we give away to our children or friends, and a lot we throw away.  Just because something is free doesn’t mean that people actually want it, you have to be mindful of what event you are throwing and what type of people will be there.

Make your event stand out

For a golf outing or an event that has to do with golf, you can bet that everyone there is a golfer or they at least try to be.  So with a group of golfers, what better swag item than the V-Harness? Endorsed by PGA Tour fan favorite Rocco Mediate and legendary instructor Jimmy Ballard the V-Harness works for men and women and fits just about all size golfers and is a great way to improve your golf game no matter what handicap you are. Read all of our testimonials and check out the improvement that all levels of golfers have seen – they hit the ball 10-15 yards further with a 7 iron within 15 minutes, they raise their ball flight, they realize many mistakes they are making in their swing right away. And with consistent use of the V-Harness many golfers lower their handicap substantially.

Give the right gift at the right event to the right people

As someone who has caddied for many years, giving a gift that would help people play better golf at a golf outing is the perfect gift at the perfect event for the right type of people. Who doesn’t want to get better?  So add a V-Harness to your swag bag and you will be sure to stand out from all the other events.   Call today for great event pricing!

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