The Vharness Golf Training Aid Review From over 25 Golfers

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Over 25 golfers review the V-Harness, first time users and golfers who have been using the V-Harness for years.

Before the V-Harness my average score was 83-85, now I am consistently breaking 80 & I’m in the mid 70’s.  I know people who buy clubs, drivers, simply because they don’t think the driver is working. Before using the Vharness I was always in the 120’s. They will go out and spend another $400 on a driver.  Now after using the Vharness I’m averaging in the low 90’s mid 80’s with approximately an 18 handicap. Adjust a driver change the shaft.

Low & High Handicappers Review the V-Harness

My Handicap has gone from an 8 to a 6. Hoping it will make them hit the ball straighter.  In just ten minutes I was able to hit a six iron 10-15 yards further. It’s not the driver, it’s not the equipment. With the Vharness I’m hitting my driver 40 yards longer and straighter.

I was ten yards further with the seven iron right out of the get go. It probably gained me an average of ten yards on a 7 iron. It’s well worth the money.

I have a problem with my driver of hitting pull hooks. The Vharness immediately made me stay connected through the impact position and it got rid of the pull hook immediately.

I’m telling you this VHarness I would spend double the money for it. It’s raised my ball flight so with my short irons I can hit it higher and land it softer. It trains your muscles and I also noticed I had a much higher ball flight after using the Vharness. By using the Vharness I can get my ball flight to be a little softer and higher, which is what I’m looking for with my irons.

The amazing thing was the ball flight and to see how high the ball was flying, directly as a result of my swing, it was in the proper place to hit a good golf shot. The V harness has allowed me to hit straighter, higher shots basically on command.  Every golfer whether you are a two handicap or just starting the game you really need to try this.

I’m a 6 handicap, I shoot in the 70’s, and I feel like it’s going to be an immediate improvement from the short game all the way to the long game.

The Vharness is the real deal, it helped everything and what I loved about it too is that it didn’t just help my driver, it feels awesome, I just hit some shots out of the green side bunker & it felt awesome. It’s right through the whole bag – I’m going to use it for chipping, pitching, sand game, everything.

I can take my sand wedge, chip around the green with it, then walk over to the range lay some seven irons out there and then tee up, put the peg in the ground and hit the driver with it and they are all my own clubs.

I am a huge fan of the Vharness pitching the ball. From 50 yards & in my game has improved immensely. My muscle memory has gotten so good, and so precise that I can shape shots now. I hit the ball in the direction that I wanted to, with the trajectory that I wanted to.

It was truly amazing to see the ball flight change from a slap the the right to a beautiful, high, straight ball.  The trajectory was perfect, and the consistency was there, I mean shot after shot after shot.

The most important thing about a golf swing is to be able to repeat it. That’s why all the top players in the world are there, for a reason, it’s not because they are lucky – it’s because they can repeat the same golf swing over and over again. And that’s what everybody tries to do, and the V-Harness helps you do that.

That’s I think were the V-Harness helped me the most, is make it really easy to make a repetitive swing.

It’s going to keep you again on plane, connected, and help you release the club; it’s a great training aid. My club was right on plane, I couldn’t believe it.

I was impressed with the V-Harness, and I definitely know for a fact that it helped my swing.

I firmly believe that it has, and will improve my golf swing.

My first impression of the V-Harness was that it was really terrific.

Putting on the V-Harness made me a believer because it just made my swing so much easier.

I went from ignorant to believing in it. The V-Harness definitely works. The V-Harness really worked for me.  The V-Harness is my favorite training device I have tried yet. It’s the most unique product I have ever felt. The V-Harness is the real deal. The V-Harness has been the only thing that has ever helped me.

It definately does work, the V-Harness works. The V-Harness is the best product out there for the golf swing period. The V-Harness is by far the best training device I have ever used. The V-Harness is amazing. It’s amazing how good it is.

The V-Harness actually works and I recommend it to anybody. I believe in the V-Harness.  By far the V-Harness has been the greatest asset to my golf game.

It’s the price of a club; try it. The V-Harness is amazing – it’s going to make me want to play a lot more golf.

People change their clubs every year, you have to try this product. It’s absolutely incredible what it’s done to my golf swing.

I would not change my clubs, just use the V-Harness, and every club will work for you.


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