The V-harness review, does it really work? 60 seconds

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The moment I put the V-harness on and put it down at address, you actually feel the pull of the cord to get down to the ball – and then you realize what it’s going to do. The idea is to try to keep the V-Cords taut throughout the swing. It’s going to keep you connected throughout the swing. And if you have a collapse in one of the cords obviously you are not swinging correctly.

You can feel when you take the club back and turn your shoulder, keeping those V-Cords snug and tight promoted a perfect swing. It felt very comfortable and it corrected; it put my hands and arms in the correct position.

It definitely does work, the V-harness works. It’s the most unique product I have ever felt. My club was right on plane, I couldn’t believe it. I was ten yards further with the seven iron. I had a much higher ball flight. The Vharness is amazing, it’s going to make me want to play a lot more golf.

It’s less than the price of a club, try it. People change their clubs every year, you have to try this product.

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