Trump Golf Links At Ferry Point Opens In The Bronx

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More than 50 years, the first of a new golf course in New York City is now open.

Home of a former landfill in Throggs Neck, the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point was officially opened on Wednesday morning. Tee Time Reservations are available online.

Golf excitement has sprung up in New York, as golfers waiting for the first brand new golf course, as they imagine hitting balls on the practice green.

“I looked at the course last year driving back from the airport, can not wait to get out there,” said Irwin Watson of Poughkeepsie.

Richmond Hill, Queens social worker John Saith said, he wanted to be the first on the links.

“I try to play a lot of the city, of course, it’s because I want to experience what it would look like, it’s considered a premium course,” Saith said.

The Championship-caliber golf course is a collaboration between Donald Trump and course designer Jack Nicklaus.

In the United States, this is the most expensive ever built for public practice golf facilities, reported at 269 million dollars.

The course boasts wonderful views of the skyline of the beach and the city.

This is a public golf course, but it costs much more your average public city round. For residents of the city to play 18 holes at Ferry Point on the weekend it will cost $169, each. If you want to play at most other public city courses, it only costs $48. Non-residents will pay $215 dollars to play at Ferry Point.

Of course it’s well worth the money, says the club, when you consider Trump’s other golf clubs dues and memberships are hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“It’s not an exclusive country club, this is an open public golf course in New York for golfers, they’re going to get a great deal, and they are still going to get the experience of a country club,” Ron Lieberman EVP for Trump Organization said.

“It was built to be a golf course of world-class quality. We are going to hold many majors here,” said Trump’s son, Eric.

All this also means hundreds of jobs – from golf construction to course workers, according to Trump.

The course has been 20 years in production with a cost of $100 million or more to taxpayers. Mayor Rudy Giuliani flew over the old landfill in 1998 when he decided to make a deal for a $25 million course paid by private entrepreneurs.

However, developers went bankrupt and Mayor Michael Bloomberg took it over with City Park Service. In 2011, Trump signed on to finish the work.

In return, he received the name Trump on the course and a twenty year concession agreement to the dismay of many critics.

The New York city Parks Advocates group, says it’s “one of the most irresponsible economic transactions made during the Bloomberg administration. The group also cited the ridiculous cost to play a round at Ferry Point.

One resident is not enthusiastic about the impact it will have on many lives in the area, but says he would still play there.

“Probably my rent will go up,” said a resident of Throggs Neck; Juan Valdez. “(I wonder if the value of the property will go up to?) Yes.”

In construction, residents also raised concerns about the release of methane gas from the dump.

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