Goliath Alligator Spotted Again on Florida Golf Course

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Goliath-myakka-pines-golf-club-crocodileA huge alligator wandering the Florida golf course has been found again.

The alligator named, “Goliath,” according to the club Facebook page, was seen eating a turtle on Thursday morning at the Myakka Pines Golf Course in Englewood, Florida.

Many people ask what aligators eat… Goliath is haveing a turtle for breakfast. (Kinda nasty to see, but it is a reality of wild animals)
Posted by Myakka Pines Golf Club on Thursday, March 26, 2015

Two people had seen the roaming alligator on the course earlier this month. The general manager of the club estimated the size of the alligator was about 12-13 feet.alligator-myakka-pines-golf-course-florida

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