Golf protest by man living in a tree ends abruptly when man falls out of tree

Man falls out of tree to end golf course protest

Last week, we brought you a strange story of two protesters who live in a tree in New Orleans “Sharp Park in an attempt to stop the construction of a new $ 25 million golf course. Now the situation has become even more strange.

A person standing alone, er, sitting tree fell on Tuesday on According to witnesses, Jonathan “Lloyd” Boover crazy hammock located halfway wood. Appeared to injure his nose, feet and legs, and, finally, was taken by ambulance.

Lloyd, the name he was known by other protesters, he lived in a tree, as on March 13 that it is 11 days to live in a tree. Hammock or not, it’s awesome.

The woman, known only by the name of protest heart fell a week earlier after spending four days with Lloyd on the tree. Lloyd is believed out deliveries. He waved to the crowd of supporters, and was taken on a stretcher.

The municipal authorities have decided that the power can not remove the demonstrators, but a police officer was assigned to watch him. The arrest warrant was also issued by Lloyd for disturbing public order and are not admitted.

“Mr. Boover decided to intervene in the construction of a golf course … He broke the law, and now becomes the subject of civil and criminal cases,” the spokesman said Marc Ehrhardt City Park.

Building design Rhys Lloyd Jones continued in the tree and the course is scheduled for completion in February 2017.

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